Used chocolate bar moulding line
complete chocolate bar moulding line with : 1 x aasted temperer 1 x screw temperer – probably a...
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Used Frozen cone moulding line
"Frozen cone" shell moulding line. 1 "frozen cone" station, 1 depositor for the filling and 1 dep...
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Used Bar moulding and packing plant
Complete Hacos/Awema/Aasted/Sollich moulding and packing line with : 1 x mould warming station ...
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Used 1989 Carle Montanari 850 Cavemil Crem
complete large capacity shell moulding plant. +/- 1 ton/hr. 22 stokes/mn. moulds 850 mm wide. goo...
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Used Carle Montanari  Cavemil Crem 275
Shell moulding line. moulds 275 x 175 mm x 30 mm. complete and running
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Used Hacos JD720 chocolate moulding line
3 x Hacos semi-automatic chocolate moulding line Flood fill depositor and cooling cabinet, manual...
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