Used 1990 Buhler  SMP 50
column mixer. possibility to work under vacuum. excellent condition. Supplied without mixing vessel
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Used Werup
Winnower, wooden panels, ideal for a chocolate museum
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Used Beetz  MK2/500 chocolate mixer
500kg capacity, twin shaft bottom outlet, 3 machines available
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Used Barth Roaster Menadino
Batch roaster for beans or nuts
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Used transport belt
30 m long conveyor belt to transport chocolate from the refiner to the conche. stainless steel
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Used Simionata MC700/1 bagging machine
inclined bagging machine for gentle products such as biscuits
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Used Broquet
several chocolate pumps with or without filters
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Used Coating pans, stainless steel
5 pans available, 120cm diameter
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