Used Carle Montanari CRN 16
1600 kgs chocolate conche.
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Used Thouet
2 x Thouet chocolate conches. both complete. 3 axes. 50 kgs capacity approx
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Used Kustner  100 kgs
100 kgs universal conche. double jacket. heater. running condition. "small price"...
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Used Frisse  DUC 1
1 ton chocolate conche. 3 axes. good condition.
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Used Thouet DRC1 conche
Lab/small production scale chocolate conche, 1 shaft
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Used Frisse DUC 3 chocolate conche
2 x Frisse DUC 3 chocolate conches. 3 ton capacity. 3 arms
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Used Carle Montanari Clover 30
Clover 30 chocolate conche. 3 ton capacity
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Used Frisse DUC4 chocolate conche
2 machines available, 4T capacity
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