Dumoulin IDA 502 and IDA 750X automatic coating pans

Dumoulin IDA 502 and IDA 750X automatic coating pans

Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium


Complete automatic panning line, can be used for nuts/peanuts/almonds/fruit with chocolate and then sugar syrup.

Hard and soft panning, the plant includes :

1 x Dumoulin IDA 502 CV - 500 kgs/batch automatic chocolate/soft panning coating pan with outfeed conveyor underneath the machine.

1 x elevator

2 x Dumoulin IDAX 750 automatic sugar syrup coating pans, 750 kgs per batch each. Supplied with outfeed conveyors. The machines have perforated drums.

1 x conveyor to the bagging machine

1 x PFM bagging machine with Yamato 10 head weigher. 4 format sizes. Year 2003.

1 x locally made sugar syrup cooker

2 x locally made chocolate and sugar holding tanks

2 x Dumoulin sugar syrup preparation units

1 x Dumoulin tank (polishing/varnishing)

Supplied with control panels. All in very good condition. “Plug and Play” installation.

Documentation available.


ModelIDA 502 and IDA 750X pans